Lluís Llongueras

Lluís Llongueras

Lluís Llongueras

A multifaceted artist born in Esparreguera in 1936, he is part of the pantheon of world-famous Mediterranean artists together with Salvador Dalí, Antoni Gaudí and Ferrán Adriá, who have always been driven by their desire to delight the public. Lluís Llongueras has expressed his artistic inclinations since he was a child through drawing, painting, and photography.

Llongueras’s varied activities as a hairdresser, photographer, designer, decorator, and even as a poet and writer, all relate to the same desire to create figures.
His artistic evolution shows that Llongueras is not a hairdresser who aspired to be a sculptor, but rather that he was born a sculptor and an artist, who would go on to mature with time, and who uses hair as a canvas to express the desires, impulses, and ambitions of a generation.


Lluís Llongueras is a nuanced individual who seeks to express his inner beauty through his hands. When he has a blank canvas, he expresses his emotions through color and brush strokes in order to bring his individual art to light.
Pintura de Llongueras
Escultura de Llongueras


An artist who is always working. He seeks perfectly finished pieces, alternating those with others which are unfinished and with clearly experimental endeavors. An enthusiastic and extraordinary sculptor, capable of overcoming the greatest challenges.


His photography plays with the shadows of the female body caressed by something as ephemeral as a ray of light. His figures speak to us of the future of aesthetics; the hesitation of the person hiding things, the disregard of the one who accumulates them. A sensual image that evokes the woman’s own self.
Fotografía de Llongueras