Expert treatments

Purifying Detox

Anti-impurities ritual, purifies the hair and cleans it in depth. A hair reset.

Luxe Oil

Essential oils ritual, moisturizes the hair in depth, without making the hair look greasy. Thanks to the combination of four precious oils, it is ideal to recover the natural beauty of the hair and restore its shine.

Hair Lifting

A hair control ritual. With improved keratin components, eliminates hair frizzing, leaving it soft and full of movement.

Ultra Repair

Restructuring and nutritive ritual. Thanks to cauterization technology, the active ingredients are applied into the hair fibers and sealed to maintain the effect. Regain your hair.

Caviar Ultime

Exceptional hair regeneration ritual. Thanks to its caviar compound with more than 47 vitamins and minerals, it acts upon the hair, energizing the hair cells and leaving a shiny finish and strengthened hair.

Fusio Dose Ritual

 An instantaneous transformation. Its boosters mix with the extracts, four powerful active ingredients, offering multiple combinations for a custom treatment that transforms the hair in an instantaneous and lasting way.

Hair Botox Effect

Hydro-nutritive and anti-aging method, able to return hair shine, softness and silkiness. Composed of amino acids, vitamins, panthenol and caviar oil.

Keratin Hair Straightening

Organic Hair Straightening

Smoothing and de-frizzing natural treatment. Suggested for damaged and weakened hair, shineless, malnourished or rough.

Touch Hair Straightening


Curly and voluminous effect, Llongueras’ exclusive technique.


Permanent curling.

Hair Extensions

Installation and removal of natural hair extensions.


Bridal Test

We find the perfect hairstyle, adapted to your personal style so that you feel the most beautiful woman on this special day. A hairstyle test to have all details under control.

Bridal Day

We perform your chosen hairstyle with the aim that the bride looks spectacular on such a special day.