Technique and creativity
Llongueras en los 60

From Cutting Hair at People’s Homes to Famous Stylist.

In the 60’s, only 5 years after starting his professional career, Llongueras begins his international expansion by distributing photographs of his creations through the main international fashion magazines around the world and opens his first luxury salon in a high-end neighborhood of Barcelona, inviting Dalí to be a guest of honor.
The decade sees his popularity grow: in 1963 he appears for the first time on Spanish TV, and just two years later the first official press release for his hairstyle collection in Montjuic appears on the historic newsreel No-Do (News and Documentaries), broadcast into every home in Spain.

Llongueras Establishes His International Career.

In the 70’s Llongueras opens his first training center: el Instituto Internacional Llongueras (LLongueras International Institute) and in 1974 he garners worldwide recognition by opening his fist international salon on the famous Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.
Three years later, in 1977, he is honored with the title of International Master at the Intercoiffure headquarters in Paris, awarded by the famous Alexandre de Paris, and one year later he revolutionizes the industry by creating unprecedented hairstyles with his striking “Llongueras Waves.”
Llongueras en los 70
Llongueras en los 80

Multidisciplinary, Iconic, Unrepeatable.

Following the call of his intellectual and artistic curiosity, during this decade Llongueras starts his prolific sculpture and photography career, endeavors which he pursues alongside his passion for hair.
In 1987, he has another major breakthrough—this time in Hollywood—when MGM commissions one of his hairstyles for the unforgettable film Moonstruck.
His genius is recognized two years later when, at the Wembley Festival in London, Llongueras makes a fun, original presentation: he cuts his own hair without a mirror in a matter of minutes using just a pair of scissors, while at the same time summarizing the philosophy behind his technique—in five languages.

International Legend Award.

In 1990, Llongueras receives the prestigious International Legend Award in New York, awarded by the Art & Fashion Group, recognizing his career and professional achievements.
During this same year, he puts on his first Llongueras Hairstyling and Image Days in Paris, at the Espace Cardin, which from then on become a must-attend event for professionals in the beauty industry.
Llongueras en los 90
Llongueras en los 00

Creative Curiosity and Recognition.

In recognition of his nearly fifty-year-long career, in 2006 Llongueras receives the Special Recognition Award at the World Congress for the Global Salon Business Organization for his achievements and contributions to the global hairstyling industry.
Simultaneously, he continues his multidisciplinary artistic career and his work is exhibited at prestigious competitions and museums such as the Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporaneo in Florence, Italy, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the Reial Cercle Artistic in Barcelona.

Indefatigable Visionary.

In 2012, once again ahead of his time, Llongueras inaugurates the new Eco-Espacio Llongueras, the first 100% sustainable salon.
This is an especially brilliant year for Llongueras. He receives the AIPP International Legend Award at Royal Albert Hall in recognition of his lifetime of achievements, and he reopens the doors of the International Llongueras Institute in Barcelona, a space where professionals from around the world continue to learn.
Recognition of his unique career has been a constant throughout the years. In keeping with this, he is once again honored in 2019 with the International Hairdressing Awards ® (Madrid) prize for his professional achievements and for his indisputable status as an icon for all professionals in the industry.
Llongueras en los 10
Acid Ilusion
“Life isn’t just one moment; it is all an evolution and an illusion.”
Lluis Llongueras

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